As many will know, the AA1000 User Group has been organizing a series of meetings in key markets worldwide to discuss and debate options for future governance of AA1000 Standards. A meeting took place in London last week that generated a lengthy and ultimately productive discussion of the reasons why users should or should not agree to engage with AccountAbility towards this purpose, and produced a position statement, which has now been conveyed to AccountAbility management. The position statement expresses the conditions under which further engagement and involvement between members (users of the Standards) and the organization is possible:

“AAUG London’s proposition to AA, regarding the immediate future of governance for the AA1000 Series

To maintain the legitimacy of the existing Standards, AAUG will collaborate actively with AA, but certain preconditions must be met:

·         AA will drop any legal actions against former AA staff and Standards Board members as their continuance is not conducive to a collaborative and sustainable outcome and is damaging the reputation of the AA1000 standards;
·         AA must recognize the mandate of the User Group to represent the main stakeholders of the existing AA1000 standards and therefore a right to sign off on the process for the creation of an independent governance structure for these standards.
·         AccountAbility will honour the agreement of 23rd March with SES Technical Committee
·         AccountAbility will recognize the existing AA1000 Series Standards to be under the auspices of Creative Commons.

As a first step, the AA1000 User Group will collaborate with the Executive of AA to create and sign off the criteria for selecting the Interim Standards Board and Terms of Reference for the Interim Standards Board.”

The AA1000 User Group has extended this offer on a time-limited basis until 16.00 UK on Friday 13th May 2011. This time limitation exists to enable there to be a clear agreement before the newly appointed Nominating Committee meets to consider applications to the Interim Standards Board, which may include any interested User Group members.

If you would like to see the London meeting record in full, please click the AA1000 User Group page at the top and read the post there.